Why Ironsphere?

Why Ironsphere?


  • Instead of limiting the use of specific remote access applications, Ironsphere’s platform allows users to continue using their favorite apps, such as MSTSC, secureCRT, Toad or FileZilla from their own computers, without having to adjust their daily routines.

Single source of truth

  • Most solutions create an internal shadow copy of users and assets and attempt to keep them in sync with the enterprise directory services and asset inventory applications. Ironsphere’s solution continuously discovers assets and user updates through the enterprise’s applications, therefore eliminating synchronization errors.

Topology hiding

  • Most solutions display all the system and infrastructure information to users, sometimes storing it on the user’s computer. Ironsphere selectively displays the information that the users are authorized to access and does not store any enterprise infrastructure data on the user’s computer.

Widest support range for protocols

  • Ironsphere not only manages who can access which system, under what restrictions, but also tracks in-session activities and stop attacks and misuse, including DB and web sessions.


  • Instead of using resource hungry video-based RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to secure sessions, Ironsphere supports native protocols, including SSH, HTTP/S, TNS and MSSQL, which are much lighter and scalable.

Cloud IaaS Support

  • Ironsphere runs on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud IaaS platforms and discovers and onboards connected/disconnected systems in real time, eliminating manual administration.

Built-in servers

  • Integration with external systems is not a pre-requisite. Ironsphere features a built-in Multi-Factor Authentication Server, Directory Service, TACACS & RADIUS server, as well as Task Automation, all pre-integrated and ready for use.

Fastest to Deploy PAM

  • Hassle-free installation and maintenance. Ironsphere does not require additional software to be installed in servers or user computers.

Remote Vendor Access

  • Remote users can gain access directly from their browsers without any prior application or plugin installation. Admins not only have the ability to watch live sessions in real time, but can also take and release control of the session when required, such as to enter a password.