Session Manager

Logging and recording of all sessions, including command and context-aware filtering.

Organizations must be aware of every single action taken within their IT and Network Infrastructure to ensure security. Full audit trails provide a historical record and proof of compliance and operational integrity.

Session Manager provides real-time monitoring, logging and recording of all privileged users’ sessions and stops malicious activities by role-based segregation of duties and least privilege management, including command and context-aware filtering.


  • Man-in-the middle support for Telnet, SSH, RDP, VNC, HTTP.
  • Logging, session recording and session replay.
  • Active Active redundancy.
  • Enforces security policies transparently.
  • Advanced policy, context aware policy, managerial approval.
  • Object character recognition for RDP, RDP session recording.
  • Termination of all active connections automatically on network elements for maintenance mode.
  • Session “take-over” and “session-leave” functionality by the privileged users on active sessions.
  • Unified visibility with searchable command/keystroke logs and full play-back video recordings.
  • Stop attacks with least privilege functions including command or application-based restrictions, managerial approval, geolocation confirmation, Multi factor authentication/authorization, time & date-based access.
  • Enforces role-based security policies centrally and silently.
  • Meet regulatory compliance mandates including GDPR, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, PCI.
  • Single-Sign-On and 2-Factor Authentication support, makes system passwords invisible to users.
  • Extend Active Directory group policies to IT and network infrastructure and support compliance.
  • No agents, extensions or applets. No hassle.
  • Isolate Third Party access, control configuration changes, record all activities and watch/participate live sessions.
  • Enable secure connections to any system, application, appliance or website without disclosing the credentials.