Public Cloud PAM

Security and enhanced capabilities for users of Cloud IaaS platforms like AWS, Azure, Google and others. 

Ironsphere protects client organizations’ assets whether their infrastructure is on-prem, cloud or hybrid, and supports Cloud IaaS platforms like Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud and Openstack.

Ironsphere’s PAM for Public Cloud solution secures access, controls configuration changes, records all privileged activities in public and private cloud platforms and supports extremely fast scale-out and scale-in scenarios by auto discovering and onboarding virtual instances within minutes.

All Ironsphere modules and features are available to use in cloud platforms.


  • Ironsphere runs on-prem and on Cloud IaaS platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Track and record all privileged activities in your Cloud IaaS platform.
  • Audit trails and reports to meet regulatory compliance mandates.
  • Discover system/service accounts and eliminate password sharing.
  • Strengthen credentials by eliminating weak or non-expiry passwords and ssh keys.
  • Extend “Segregation of Duties” to the cloud, manage who can access what and when.
  • Extend “Least Privilege Management” (access under what restrictions) to the cloud with advanced in-session controls to run a command, including whitelist/blacklist filtering, context-aware filtering, geofence approval and managerial approval.
  • Extend accountability (who did what) to cloud IaaS platforms with indisputable log and video records.
  • Monitor and participate in live sessions, with take & release control
  • Secure and Control remote vendor access to your Cloud IaaS platform.