Privileged Task Automation

Task automation suite for staff augmentation and granular access control.

Ironsphere’s Privileged Task Automation Manager simplifies and automates daily routine tasks and provides a smart programmable interface that supports pre-check, execute, post-check and roll-back steps.


  • Visual, flexible, agile platform for troubleshooting automation.
  • Combine automated scripts and IT tasks with human interaction.
  • Improves incident management process and reduces down-time.
  • Enables error-free configuration changes and eliminates potential service outages.
  • Granular control. Delegates tasks to users instead of delegating privileges.
  • Reduces operational costs and improves operational efficiency.
  • Automates repetitive and routine tasks.
  • Schedule tasks to augment after hours workforce.
  • Centralized visibility of business processes and workflows.
  • Easy to integrate other IT systems through a restful API and adapter-based approach.
  • Schedule and execute tasks, based on monitoring and performance driven events and alerts.
  • Orchestration and automation of IT processes that require multi-system integration.
  • Workflow-based network configuration and execution with sophisticated validation.
  • User and workflow-based activity logging and executive reports.
  • Multi-level and multi-type authorization scenarios with role-based access management.
  • LDAP, TACACS, RADIUS and Local User based authorization and authentication scenarios.
  • Device discovery for detailed equipment inventory and multi-vendor support.
  • Adapter based protocol support including SSH, TELNET, SNMP, XML, NETCONF, JDBC, RESTFUL.