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Cloud CRM Leader Pega Taps Ironsphere to Enhance AWS Security with Privileged Access Management Software

Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management applications that are hosted on a private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud system, otherwise known as Cloud CRM, have many obvious advantages. When the data, application and related services are stored and accessed securely, especially given the dramatic shift to Work From Home (WFH) models, businesses can continue to work productively, ensuring sales, marketing, finance, legal, contact center agents and others can retrieve and interact with information from any location.

With More Customer Data and Private Information in the Cloud, CRM Systems Benefit From PAM

We have announced the success of a project we have been developing with Pegasystems, Inc., a growing, global Cloud software and services provider. Pega, whose mission is to empower digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, selected Ironsphere’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) software to further secure its Amazon Web Services (AWS)-hosted CRM as-a-service offerings.

Embrace Cloud PAM: Go Fast, Scale Up, Remain Agile

Cloud growth is continuing to accelerate, especially in the context of the world of virtual working, and distributed infrastructure. IT teams who have been appropriately cautious in moving applications and services to the cloud in the past are speeding up their roadmaps, as they do not have time to debate the benefits of cloud. Even the largest and most mission-critical enterprises are racing to embrace more cloud to support their teams as they work from home, but they are doing so with a laser focus on security.

SecOps Best Friend? Automation.

Security automation is now a top concern for enterprises as the attack surface expands given more remote workers, more devices, and new attack vectors in the cloud.
Automation is rising because IT leaders are realizing it paves the way to reducing risks, gaining greater visibility into their networks, and getting the most from their security investments.

Privileged Task Automation Frees Up Time for Stressed Out IT Teams

Automation technologies, from Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), are transforming business processes and operating models. These are relatively new categories, and most enterprises do not yet have the skills to implement automation technologies successfully, including Privileged Task Automation (PTA) associated with a robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) posture.

Zero Trust Plus Zero Touch Equals Exponential Benefits

Apps are increasingly moving to the cloud, especially as more and more people are working remotely and expect to access them from anywhere, any time, on multiple devices. Despite that, the way enterprises secure access to applications has largely remained unchanged, as they are still focused and dependent on the corporate network perimeter.