Admin Management API

Lifecycle management of configurations, inventories and policies

Admin Management API allows the lifecycle management of configurations, inventories and policies

  • Increase automation
  • Integrate with external provisioning systems

Ironsphere Admin Management API Catalog



Authenticates users on Ironsphere’s platform.

  • Login
  • Logout


User Account Management

Discretionary user account management. Access to full details for a specific user or group of users and comprehensive administrative controls over user accounts via API, defined by user or group ID.

  • Add User
  • Delete Users
  • Update Users
  • Lock Users
  • Unlock Users
  • Get User Details
  • Add User Groups
  • Update User Groups
  • Get User Details
  • Get Active Session Users
  • Get logged in Users

Inventory Management

Fully manage and control all assets on-boarded in Ironsphere’s inventory via API.  List components based on a wide range of parameters (Group membership, IP, Subnet, Name, ID, Active-sessions or Pattern matching). Easily modify attributes of a specific element or group of elements. Ironsphere’s intuitive API design was build based on best practices for network elements’ management.

  • Get Device By IP, Get Device By Name, Get Device By id, Get Devices With No Membership
  • Get Device Groups Of Logged In Users
  • Get Multiple Device Groups By Names
  • Get Device Group  ByName
  • Save Devices
  • Update Devices
  • Delete Devices
  • Save Device Groups
  • Update Device Groups
  • Delete Device Groups
  • Save Or Update Device Group Properties
  • Get Device Group Subnets
  • Delete Device Group Subnet
  • Save Device Group Subnet
  • Update Device Group Subnet
  • Get Device Group By IP Pattern
  • Delete Device Group By IP Pattern
  • Save Device Group By IP Pattern
  • Update Device Group By IP Pattern


Password Manager

List active shared account passwords or access passwords for specific accounts. Ironsphere users can create new password checkout requests, view and/or delete existing requests. Administrators can verify shared accounts or add new ones.

  • List SAPM Accounts
  • Show Password
  • Delete Request
  • Create Request
  • Get My Requests
  • Add SAPM Account
  • Verify SAPM Account


SSH Key Management

Retrieve, generate, update or delete SSH keys for logged-in users.

  • Generate New SSH Key Pair
  • Retrieve SSHKey Pair
  • Update SSH Key Pair
  • Delete SSH Key Pair


Managerial Approval

List all requests pending approval, or sort based on a specific request type (Restricted commands, Endpoint connect requests, password checkout requests). Ironsphere Administrators can approve/deny requests via API.

  • Get All Requests
  • Get Connection Approval Requests
  • Get SAPM Approval Requests
  • Get Command Approval Requests
  • Approval Response