At The Crossroads of Risk Management and Privileged Access Management, Hyper-Automation Matters


February 2023

By: Ali Gomulu

There are few things in business that come with no risk. In fact, the future truly belongs to the bold, and those enterprises who push themselves to innovate more and accelerate digital transformation across their offerings are winning. The greatest risk of all today may be doing nothing, hoping that the status quo will be enough to keep existing customers and win new customers.

At the top of the digital transformation food chain is the personalization and improvement of their Customer Experience (CX), which means more online services, more choices for reaching out for support, faster and more efficient service, dramatically shorter “mean time to repair” problems, and addressing the growing demand for immediate gratification.

Whether B2C or B2B, CX has reached not only the C-Suite but up to the Board of Directors, who have strong opinions about what enterprises should do to more efficiently and effectively serve customers. We’ve all heard it – “when I call American Express, they answer my questions right away, with full access to my account information at their fingertips.”

While Board Members put appropriate pressure on organizations to deliver more intelligent, personalized services, they may sometimes miss how many vulnerabilities exist in an environment where thousands of agents or service representatives may have access to sensitive, private, and confidential information.

They may not be aware as well about the enormous volume of data being collected, stored, shared, and analyzed and the risks associated with the “big data” that goes along with personalized services.

Going into a transformative growth mode is the right thing to do, but with eyes wide open to the risks.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) can be strengthened with a solid Privileged Access Management platform, especially one which has been purpose-built for the multi-cloud world, supporting not just individual organizations but partnerships and ecosystems.

How many people can access this data and compromise the security of the enterprise?

What rules, policies, monitoring, management, and enforcement technologies are in place to protect from the exfiltration of valuable data and to protect the ongoing performance of digital infrastructure?

It is at the crossroads of governance and automation of Privileged Access Management that organizations can find the balance – providing more useful and personalized digital services while protecting their customers, their assets, and their reputations.

Learn more about how Ironsphere is automating PAM across multiple clouds, applications, infrastructure, and systems, here.

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