Dramatic Improvements are Possible When Mundane Tasks Are Managed by Machines


October 2022

By: Orhan Yildirim

Enterprise IT professionals continually strive to simplify the routine tasks they need to perform frequently. The opportunities to do so, associated with Privileged Access Management, lead to substantial improvements in business outcomes, and generally happier IT teams.

Automation reduces the probability of mistakes, but the benefits go way beyond precision to include dramatic gains in productivity, business intelligence, and reporting that no longer requires “human intervention.”

Following is our list of the top five benefits of a comprehensive Privileged Task Automation (PTA), a science Ironsphere has contributed to for many years with our cloud-ready, IT team-friendly platform.

Increased Productivity

The right partnership between man and the machine allows for the elimination of excess labor costs since it is easy to optimize the work of the employees. IT professionals who used to spend time on mundane tasks are freed up to focus on higher-value work.

Decreased Errors

The probability of making mistakes decreases dramatically when processes are automated. Consistently executed tasks have been proven to lead to the best results.

Reduced Time in Task Execution

Automated systems work in near-real-time, or in real-time, depending on the platform and number of systems connected. Manual tasks take longer, and when it comes to protecting enterprise assets, time is money, and security breaches can happen in seconds. PTA allows a given task to be scheduled once and repeated accurately and effectively.

Reduced Operating Costs

Automation generates savings across all the areas previously described, and quality PTA software enables enterprises, especially very large and complex enterprises, to easily identify inefficiency points and delays, which can be corrected immediately.

Integrated Systems Simplification & Security

Systems can be integrated through automation and become more effective. Using APIs, enterprises are blending ERP and CRM systems, for example, and with this crossover, it is more important than ever to automate tasks to avoid confusion and to enhance compliance across systems.

Ultimately, these benefits generate a fast and sustainable ROI; cost savings come from reduced manual hours spent uploading and updating, and IT teams are happier and able to spend time on higher-value work.

Ironsphere’s Privileged Task Automation Manager simplifies and automates daily routine tasks and provides a smart programmable interface that supports pre-check, execute, post-check, and roll-back steps.

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