Embrace Cloud PAM: Go Fast, Scale Up, Remain Agile


August 2022

By: Mohie Ahmed

Cloud growth is continuing to accelerate, especially in the context of the world of virtual working, and distributed infrastructure. IT teams who have been appropriately cautious in moving applications and services to the cloud in the past are speeding up their roadmaps, as they do not have time to debate the benefits of cloud. Even the largest and most mission-critical enterprises are racing to embrace more cloud to support their teams as they work from home, but they are doing so with a laser focus on security.

We’ve never been busier helping our existing and new clients implement PAM, and are proud to be able to do so directly and with partners, including the world’s largest cloud providers who ensure our PAM software, delivered as a service, is robust and resilient, and integrated into the admin experience with automation that drives productivity to new levels.

Busy and stressed out IT teams are relieved and delighted to see how quickly Ironsphere deploys PAM in the cloud, to help protect their assets, from data and applications, to microservices and real-time communications platforms, which have become the lifeblood of remote working (and unfortunately the target of cybercriminals).

This is no ordinary time for businesses, and extraordinary adaption is fundamental – moving fast is moving forward, and there is no time for long, drawn-out processes, complex RFIs and RFPs, heavy project budgets requiring hardware, software, premise-based data rooms, difficult integrations, training and roadmaps, which for traditional PAM solutions literally spanned years.

Our clients don’t have the appetite or time for legacy approaches when the world is changing so rapidly and profoundly, and while our solutions are sophisticated and proven, installed in many of the world’s largest banks, telecommunications companies and more, perhaps the greatest advantage we bring to the market is our adaptation advantage, made possible by a simply better, more open, more agile and more sustainable code base. We are pure software, and we are built for cloud. And that means – we can go faster and so can our clients and partners.

Here are a few reasons why companies are choosing Ironsphere’s PAM cloud solution:

Faster: PAM in the cloud is easy to set up and drives immediate value. Results are instant and made available on our intuitive and powerful dashboard.

Less Expensive: with our subscription-based model, our clients pay as they grow, no longer hamstrung by expensive up-front capex “projects” and onerous licensing fees.

More Automated: Our cloud PAM platform includes real-time upgrades, new feature roll-outs, friendly maintenance and helpdesk, and smart productivity tools IT teams love.

Super Secure: Ironsphere’s PAM solutions have been designed by cybersecurity experts, with encryption, recording, advanced threat management, and built-in monitoring, alerting, and auditing features, so issues are seen and shared immediately with the appropriate teams before threats explode.

Highly Adaptable: whether applied to private or public cloud instances, Ironsphere’s PAM solution is elastic, scalable and configurable, and supports global enterprises and the differences they must support when working across different regions with different regulations.

Ironsphere’s PAM for cloud is being adopted by managed security service providers (MSSPs), as our solution fits in perfectly with other cloud services these providers are being asked to secure.

The move to the cloud itself by enterprises and organizations is forcing the issue when it comes to a faster, easier, and more logical approach to PAM. With a proliferation of cloud accounts and services comes the need to manage credentials and access, including the least privileged to most privileged profiles.

To stop internal and external threats, ensuring that everything from infrastructure-as-a-service, to platforms-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service models are locked down requires modern, agile and intelligent PAM approaches which address the growing volume of cloud offerings, and given the current environment during the global pandemic, a new “need for speed” that traditional approaches cannot keep up with.

To learn more about how Ironsphere can implement PAM for cloud in days, please contact us to set up a quick demo.

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