SecOps Best Friend? Automation.


July 2022

By: Ali Gomulu

Security automation is now a top concern for enterprises as the attack surface expands given more remote workers, more devices, and new attack vectors in the cloud.

Automation is rising because IT leaders are realizing it paves the way to reducing risks, gaining greater visibility into their networks, and getting the most from their security investments.

What does automation, including Privileged Task Automation (PTA), solve?

First, it addresses inevitable human errors. When an engineer is asked to repeat the same task every day, eventually they will make a mistake. Computers, who were built for mundane work, will not. Programmed correctly, PTA gets their tasks right every time – with zero failure.

Automated and orchestrated processes can also reduce risks by allowing threats to be detected and addressed faster. “Automated policy orchestration also helps reduce risk by ensuring that policies exist and are effective, reducing the risk that systems and the data in those systems can be breached,” wrote Joseph Blankenship at Forrester.

Automated scanning and PTA addresses vulnerabilities, flaws, malware, and configuration mistakes, and includes automated profiling of behaviors and anomaly detection. One of the most important applications for PTA is in the detection of and response to breaches and attacks.

Our PTA software can spot patterns, alerts, and anomalies on the network or on connected devices much faster than any human can. Our clients are opting in because by automating routine (and often boring) tasks, engineers gain back time to do what they are good at and passionate about.

Our PTA software is helping security engineers by finding patterns inside a growing number of alerts sent to them every day and can flag those which may need human intervention. Our PTA solution is also helping our clients deal with multiple security applications, clouds, services, and more, even as their SecOps team is under even more pressure with the dramatic move towards remote working.

Most security professionals and consultants say openly they are concerned about the lack of automation, but the resistance to relinquishing control to automated systems is part of the cultural challenges we are continuing to encounter as a community.

We must adapt. Why? Because today, the speed of the attacks, which themselves are often automated, requires an automated response if they are to be contained before doing serious damage.

Ironsphere’s task automation suite for staff augmentation and granular access control simplifies and automates daily routine tasks and provides a smart programmable interface that supports pre-check, execute, post-check, and roll-back steps.

You can learn more here, or contact us to discuss how PTA can benefit your organization.

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