Keeping Microsoft Servers Protected and Accessible Only to Privileged Users: A New Ironsphere Solution Brief


APRIL 2021

By: Ali Gomulu

Today we introduced our latest solution brief, illustrating how Ironsphere ensures control and protection of Microsoft servers, with privileged access security capabilities based on a man-in-the-middle architecture to prevent credential theft of super-user accounts.

Our easy to implement and use, and extremely cost-efficient solution also ensures our customers’ Microsoft servers are used only for legitimate business purposes.

Direct Access refers to the accidental or intentional access attempts from users’ computers to remote hosts/servers directly, instead of going through Ironsphere.

Privileged user direct access management can be approached in 4 different ways:

  1. Changing the owner of the privileged credentials (from users to Ironsphere)
  2. Blocking direct access at the network level
  3. Detecting and responding to direct access attempts
  4. Deploying Access Control Agents on Hosts/Servers

These options can be used individually or combined in a single deployment. This decision will be primarily driven by the nature of the infrastructure and the desired level of control/security.

Ironsphere is the fastest to deploy PAM solution in the market due to its agentless man-in-the-middle architecture.

Our recommended approach is to isolate all privileged sessions and establish them through Ironsphere, eliminating user direct access to remote hosts/servers. If an organization has special edge cases or exceptional use cases, where direct access of privileged users cannot be monitored or eliminated, Ironsphere Access Control Agents can be deployed as a complementary capability to centrally manage privileged user direct access.

You may download the Direct Access Management for Microsoft servers solution brief here.

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