With More Customer Data and Private Information in the Cloud, CRM Systems Benefit From PAM


July 2020

By: Orhan Yildirim

With many of its cloud-based solutions running on AWS, Pega needed a secure PAM solution that worked in its deployment model of Pega Cloud®, which delivers cloud choice, with a multi-cloud approach providing enterprises the choice to build a private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Some enterprises start development on Pega Cloud and deploy on-premises, others mix and match, depending on the requirements each application needs.

After a rigorous evaluation process, Pega ultimately selected Ironsphere to enhance Pega Cloud, and support the increasingly dynamic and elastic nature of cloud computing, where instances (virtual servers) are created or deleted within minutes based on demand. This requires an agile approach to managing and restricting privileged users, including admins, DevOps, and IT support.

Ironsphere’s Cloud-PAM supports integration with AWS Inventory (Device and Tag Management APIs) so that created/deleted instances are auto-discovered, and privileges are auto-assigned or removed. Admins are presented a unified inventory list based on their roles and are always able to connect to instances smoothly (without knowing the instance credentials) while all sessions are silently recorded for security and regulatory compliance.

Centrally managed, Ironsphere’s AD (Active Directory) integration-backed role-based authorization management saves on configuration overhead and ensures consistent access rules across all target servers, with transparent user and role management. Ironsphere’s Session Manager’s logging and reporting capabilities combined with policy tracking options facilitate easy and on-demand audit trails with an adjustable level of verbosity.

Pega is a global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and by using Ironsphere’s PAM capabilities, they are able to add more security that allows only authorized – privileged – users to access applications, services, and data.

We are extremely proud to be partnering with Pega, and look forward to supporting them, their partners, and their clients for many years to come.

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