Ironsphere Included in Analyst Firm’s Report: Beyond the Perimeter, Unified Solution Addresses Growing Internal and External Threats


May 2020

By: Ironsphere

Ironsphere, a secure access management software and services company serving large enterprises and telecom service providers, today announced it has been included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Privileged Identity Management, Q2 2020, an overview of 17 Privileged Identity Management Providers.

Jersey City, N.J. (PRWEB) MAY 28, 2020 – Authored by Sean Ryan, the report covers a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus.

Ryan states in one of the key takeaways from the report that, “Privileged credentials are the keys to the IT kingdom. When such high-value credentials are compromised, the results are catastrophic. Use privileged identity management (PIM) solutions to safeguard access and monitor the activity of those with root-level access to critical systems.”

“We’re honored to be included in this report,” said Michael Fritzlo, Executive Chairman, Ironsphere. “Our solutions are disruptive in that they were built for the cloud, can be turned up quickly, require little or no upfront capex, and address the growth and new challenges associated with everything-as-a-service, integrations and APIs, and the increase in third-party access to IT and OT infrastructure, applications and data. Given the dramatic rise in remote working, ensuring enterprise assets are connected – and the teams responsible for protecting those assets are supported with better software, automation and intelligence, Ironsphere’s architecture, approach and breakthrough economics matter more than ever.”

Ironsphere has licensed the report for distribution for a limited amount of time. The report can be downloaded here:

About Ironsphere

Ironsphere is a software company established in 2016, providing advanced technology software in the fields of Access Control Systems, Privileged Task Automation and Next-generation Security and Audit. With the world’s most cost-efficient, flexible, and easily deployed Access Control software, our technology platform supports many global telecom service providers and large enterprises. Our core offering is a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution protecting enterprise resources, used as an engineering access, information security and governance tool to prevent internal data breaches and malfeasance using privileged accounts. We enable IT managers, network admins and third-party vendors to efficiently gain secure access, control configurations and indisputably record all activities within their enterprise infrastructure, preventing the material impact a breach may have on business operations and continuity. Learn more at

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